2D Vector Scalar Product Calculator

Here is the online algebra calculator that allows you to calculate the product of two dimensional vectors, also called as the scalar product or the dot product for the given vector coordinates. The dot product is the summation of 2 vectors, such that the resultant value is the length of the 2 vectors as if both vectors were added up. The 2D Vector Scalar Product Calculator here calculates the dot product of two vectors based on the vector's position and length. The scalar product is calculated for 2D vector.

The scalar product for two 2D vectors are calculated by multiplying all the fields of the vectors and adding all the values to give the total dot product. The resultant of this calculation is a scalar and not a vector, because the dot product finds only the total length of the two vectors as just length and not direction. Thus, the result is a scalar, not a vector.

Given below are the two ways to compute the dot product of 2 vectors.

Method 1: If you have the values of all the dimensions of the 2 vectors.
Dot Product= (a1 * b1) + (a2 * b2) + (a3 + b3)

Method 2: If you have the values of magnitudes of the 2 vectors and angle between them.
Dot Product= |A||B|cos(θ)

Where, we just multiply the magnitudes of the 2 vectors with the cosine of the angle between them.

Vector Scalar Dot Product Calculator

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