8051 Time Delay Calculator

8051 pic microcontroller is a 8 bit family of microcontroller used all across the world. This microcontroller has limited space as it has 128 bytes of RAM, 4Kbytes of a ROM, 2 Timers, 1 Serial port, and 4 ports on a single chip. Thus it's also referred as “system on a chip”. Use our online 8051-time delay calculator to determine the time delay of an 8051 pic micro controller (UC) device. Enter the Microcontroller Clock Frequency and Desired Timer Run-Time (DRT) to find the time delay.


Result :

Timing Task
Standard 12-Clock Parts
Enhanced 6-Clock Parts
Single Timer TIC Duration
8-bit Timer Counter Max Run-Time
16-bit Timer Counter Max Run-Times
8-Bit DRT Reload Value
16-Bit DRT Reload Value
8051 pic microcontrollers are faster, more reliable(high noise immunity) and code-efficient than 8051s. It belongs to the family of family of RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) microcontroller. The online 8051 time delay calculator will automatically calculates the time delays in PIC microcontroller.