Ampere Calculator

Ampere shortly referred as Amps, is an SI unit of measurement of current (I). It is symbolically represented as “A”. In other words, it's a unit of measure of the rate of electron flow in an electrical conductor. One ampere equals one coulomb of electrical charge. Use our online ampere calculator to convert values from horsepower/kilowatts/kilovolts amps to ampere. Amp calculation is done by selecting the conversion, phase type, followed by entering the Kilovolt-ampere and voltage.

Amp Calculation


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The above ampere calculator helps to perform amp calculation using horsepower, kilowatts and kilovolts amps. The term “Ampere” is named after the French physicist Andre Marie Ampere. In other basic units, Amps is the measurement of the electromagnetic force between electrical conductors that carries the electric current.