Women's Clothing Size Conversion US to AUS Calculator

Are you shopping online in Australia or the US and do you wish to know your apparel size in the Australian or the US format? This women's clothing size conversion US to AUS calculator will help you to find the corresponding Australia Women's Clothing Size for the given US size and vice versa.

Women's Clothing Size:
The clothing sizes differ for men and women, and it also differs between countries. This is because the physique of people in different countries differs due to different climatic conditions, geographical conditions, food habits, different sporting activities, etc. There are different women's clothing sizes like US women's clothing Size, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Korea Women's clothing Size, etc.

Australia Women's Clothing Size:
A size of 20 in the Australia women's clothing size format corresponds to the US Women's Clothing size of 16 (Numeric Size) and XL (U.S. Letter Size). In this online women's clothing size conversion US to AUS calculator just enter a size and you can know the corresponding size in the U.S. and vice versa. Feel free to try this online Australia women's clothing size conversion calculator to make your clothing size conversions easier.