Estimation of Calcium - Permanganametric Titration

The online chemistry calculator that allows you to estimate the calcium by permanganametric titration. In this titration process, the calcium is precipitated as calcium-oxalate using ammonium oxalate in acidic medium. Here the estimation of calcium from permanganametric titration is made easier. Enter the required Volume, Normality of KMno4 and the sample weight and the online titration calculator will update you with the estimate of calcium.

Result :


Consider that the volume of KMno4 be 70 and the Normality be 60 and the sample weight be 80. Estimate the percentage of calcium.


Percentage of Calcium = ( Volume of KMno4 x Normality of KMno4 x 250 x 100 x 20 / Sample weight x 25 x 1000)
Percentage of Calcium = ( 70 x 60 x 250 x 100 x 20 / 80 x 25 x 1000)
= 1050 .