Cantilever Beam Slope and Deflection With Couple Moment Calculator

The beam anchored at only one end is known as a cantilever beam. The beam carries the load to the support where it is forced against by a moment and shear stress. The online cantilever beam slope and deflection with couple moment calculator calculates slope and deflection based on the values of couple moment at the free end, elastic modulus, area moment of inertia, the length of the beam, and the load position.


Result :



Calculate cantilever beam slope and deflection with the couple moment from the given,
Couple Moment at the free end = 50
Elastic Modulus = 15
Area moment of inertia = 20
Length of the beam = 20
Load position = 15


Slope at free end = 50 x 20 / 15 x 20
= 3.33
Deflection at any section = 50 x 202 / 2 x 15 x 20
= 18.75