Carat Weight of Stones Calculator

Carat is a unit of weight. You can use this online calculator to measure the unit weight of any gemstones and pearls. A metric carat is equal to 200 grams. Every carat is categorized into 100 points. This is done to get a precise assessment to the hundredth decimal place. Enter the weight in this carat weight of stones calculator to calculate the carats value, points value, milligrams value and kilograms value.


Result :


Carat is usually used to measure the weight of the diamonds. It is important to understand the carat weight while buying any type of pearls or gemstones.
A diamond has a weight of 8 grams. Calculate its carat value?


Carat Value = 8 x 5
= 40
Points Value = 40 x 100
= 4000
Milligrams Value = 5 x 1000
= 5000
Kilograms Value = 5 / 1000
= 0.005