Centroid of a Triangle Calculator

In a triangle, Centroid is a point at which the three medians meet. Hence the point is referred to as Median Point. The point always lies inside the triangle. The centroid is also sometimes referred to as Center of Gravity or geometric center of a triangle. Any 3 medians through the center of gravity divides the triangle into two halves. This online centroid of a triangle calculator assist you in finding the center of gravity of a triangle given the co-ordinated.

Find Center of Gravity of a Triangle

Result :


Calculate centre of gravity of a triangle for the values (X1,X2,X3) and (Y1,Y2,Y3) as (2,4,5) and (2,3,3)


Centroid of a Triangle = [(2 + 4 + 5) / 3 , (2 + 3+ 3) / 3]
= ( 11 / 3, 8 / 3)