Chemical Bond Polarity Calculator

A chemical bond is an attraction between atoms that enables the formation of chemical compounds. Calculate the molecular polarity (polar, non-polar) of a bond based on the electronegativity of the elements using this online chemical bond polarity calculator. When two atoms bond to form a molecule, the electron(s) in the bond are not necessarily shared equally. By comparing the Electronegativity of the two atoms, one can determine if the bond is Ionic, Polar Covalent or nonpolar covalent.

Result :

Electronegativity is the ability of an atom within a molecule to pull electrons away from a binding partner. Looking at the difference between the electronegativity of two bonded atoms,
If the difference is > 2.0, the bond is ionic.
If the difference is between .4 and 2.0, the bond is polarized covalent (partly ionic).
If the difference is less than .4, the bond is covalent, and the electron is shared equally.