Crude Protein Calculator

The crude protein is an estimate for total amount of protein in food. A mixture of true protein and non-protein nitrogen in a food is called crude protein. It is used for energy and helps build tissue. It indicates the capacity of a feed to meet an animal's protein needs. Use the below given online crude protein calculator for the estimation of crude protein in feed stuffs with the known values by micro kjeldhal distillation method.

Estimation of Crude Protein in Feed Stuffs

Result :

Example: Calculate the estimated percentage of crude protein using the given values
Blank titre value = 25
Titre value = 5
Normality of NaOH = 10
Sample weight = 15

Percentage of crude protein = (blank-titre value) × 1.401 × 6.25 × 20 × Normality of NaOH / Sample Weight)
Percentage of crude protein = 2335