Calculating Curtain Fabric Requirement

Here is an online fabric measurement calculator which will help you in calculating the curtain fabric requirement. Enter the number of fabric width and fabric cut drop to know the requirement.


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Required Fabric Quantity of a Curtain:
Curtains can be of different length and widths and the fabric required may be different. Sometimes it will be hard to determine the required quantity of the fabric for a curtain with the desired fabric cut drops. Fabric is a yarn, which is a raw material used for constructing the curtain.

Fabric cut drop:
It is the part of the fabric that is cut to make the necessary designs in the curtain. There are two different types of fabric cut drop patterns like half drop pattern repeat and normal vertical pattern repeat.

Feel free to make use of this online fabric measurement calculator to calculate the required fabric quantity by just entering the width of the curtain fabric drop and the number of fabric cut drops.