GCS Score Calculator

The glassgow coma scale is also called as neurological scale for recording the conscious state of a person. The glasgow coma scale calculator is used for the patient who has an head injury. There are three different response which is been checked they are the eye response, verbal response, motor response. Check the patients response and enter it in the gcs score calculator to find the criteria point count. If the glassgow score is between 3 to 14 then it is abnormal. If the score is 15 then it is considered to be normal.

Glasgow Coma Scale Calculator

Result :


Calculate Criteria Point Count for the following data, Eye Opening is Spontaneous, Motor Response is Obeys Verbal Command and Verbal Response is Oriented converses.


Criteria Point Count = Eye Opening + Motor Response + Verbal Response
= 4 + 6 + 5
Criteria Point Count = 15