Helical Spring Axial Deflection Calculator

Use our online calculator to find the Axial Deflection (d) and the Spring Index (c) of a helical spring. Axial deflection is the movement of the spring joint with regard to changes in the dimensional length of the bellows parallel to the center line of the expansion joint of the helical spring. Enter the axial force, spring diameter, wire diameter, number of coils and modulus of rigidity in this helical spring axial deflection calculator to know the result.

Result :



Calculate spring axial deflection for axial force as 4, spring diameter as 6, wire diameter as 8, number of coils as 7 and modulus of rigidity as 9.


Helical Spring Axial Deflection = ((8 x 7 x 0.75)/(9 x 8)) x (1+(0.5/0.75))
= 2.4791666666666665