Inductance of Solenoid Coil Calculator

The solenoid is the tightly packed helix with coils wounded in it. Inductance of solenoid coil calculator is an effective tool to calculate inductance of N-turn solenoid coil. Whenever a need arises for you to calculate inductance of N-turn solenoid coil then inductance of solenoid coil calculator will provide you with the optimal result. Inductance range of the coil will be based upon the permeability, n-turn of solenoid, area and length values you mention.

Result :



Calculate Inductance of N-Turn Solenoid Coil for the following data :
N-Turn Solenoid = 5,
Area = 2,
Length = 4


Inductance = (12.566370614e-7 x 25 x 2) / 4
Inductance = 0.0000157079632675 H