Kirchhoff's Law Radiative Transfer Calculation

This online thermodynamics calculator helps you find the source function for the given values of specific emission coefficient and absorption coefficient using the Kirchhoff's law of radiative transfer, which states that the rate of thermal radiation discharged by the particle depends upon the radiation that passes through the nature of the surface. Enter the required values and submit for the Kirchhoff's law radiative transfer calculation.

erg s-1 cm-3 Hz-1 sr-1

Result :

erg s-1 cm-2 Hz-1 sr-1


Find source function if the emission coefficient is 22 erg s-1cm-3Hz-1sr-1 and absorption coefficient is 32 cm-1.


Sv = 22 / 32
Sv =0.6875 erg s-1cm-3Hz-1sr-1.