Lever Mechanical Advantage Calculator

A user-friendly online lever mechanical advantage calculator to determine the mechanical advantage of a lever with the known values of effort arm length and load arm length.


Result :

Just input the length values of effort arm and load arm length in the input boxes, the lever mechanical advantage calculator will update you the results within the blink of eye. This mechanical advantage calculator tool is capable of accepting input in multiple units.

Lever: It is a mechanical device which has a rigid bar pivoted on a fixed point which is used to transmit force, as in lifting or moving a weight at one end by pushing down on the other. It is used for reducing the efforts of humans to perform tasks like lifting or lowering loads.

Mechanical advantage of lever: It is the measure of the quantity of energy saved or efforts reduced by using a lever. Feel free to try this online lever mechanical advantage calculator to calculate the energy saved by using a lever with ease.


Calculate mechanical advantage of first Class, second class, and third class lever for the following data : Effort arm length = 50 cm
Load arm length = 100 cm


MA First Class Lever = 50/100
= 0.5
MA Second Class Lever = 50/100
= 0.5
MA Third Class Lever = 100/50
= 2