Wedge Mechanical Advantage Calculator

The given below is an online wedge mechanical advantage calculator to determine the mechanical advantage of a wedge with the values of side length and thickness length.


Result :

Make use of this online mechanical advantage of a wedge calculator and find the mechanical advantage for the same without any complications.

Wedge: It is a triangular shaped tool which is usually made of metal, wood, stone or plastics. It is a portable inclined plane, and one among the six classical simple machine. Primarily it is used for the separation of objects and apart from separations, it is used for lifting and holding objects.

To calculate the mechanical advantage of such classic simple machine you can use our online wedge mechanical advantage calculator. And to know the manual calculation steps, you can refer the below-given simple example problem.


Calculate the mechanical advantage of wedge for the following data :
Side length = 30 cm
Thickness = 40 cm


Mechanical Advantage of Wedge = 30 / 40