Men's Jeans Size Calculator

Given below is a simple online men's jeans size calculator which is exclusively designed for men's pant size calculation based on waist size and length.

Pant Size Calculator


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Men's pant size will be based on their waist size. To know your pant size, first, you have to measure your waist size with inch tape. Then you have to measure the length from your hip to foot. With these two measurements, your pant size can be calculated.

Generally, pant size is referred with two figures, for example, 36/32. Here figure 36 denotes your waist size and 32 denotes your length. You can make use of our online men's jeans size calculator to calculate the two figures by just entering your waist and length size within fractions of seconds. The waist size can be chosen between 70 to 113 cm, then select the length and click calculate, the online men's pant size calculator will update you the result.