Molecular SO2 in Wine Calculator

This is a simple online molecular SO2 in wine calculator which will help you to calculate the Sulfur content in wine based on the free SO2 and pH of wine.

Sulfur Calculator

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Molecular SO2 in Wine: SO2, also called as Sulphur Di-Oxide is an effective chemical substance used in the both reduction of oxidation reactions and microbial activity in wine. The pH of wine the main factor which determines the effectiveness in protecting the wine from oxidation and microbial spoilage.

The following are the recommended level of molecular SO2

1.Red wines - 0.5 mg/L (ppm)
2. White wines - 0.8 mg/L (ppm) and
3. Dessert wines - up to 1.5 mg/L (ppm)

Sulfur Calculator: Feel free to try this online Molecular SO2 in Wine Calculator to find the molecular sulfur content in ppm or mg/L.