Power Set P(S) Calculator

A subset is a set which is present in another set. The power set of 'S' is called as powerset. It is a set of all the subsets of a set including empty set and it is represented by P(S). The order of a power set of a set of order 'n' is 2n. Power sets are larger than the sets associated with them. The power set of 'S' is denoted 2S or P(S). The below algebra set theory of power set calculator helps you to find the number of subsets and powersets P(S) of a set.

Finding Number of Subsets and Powersets of a Set

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Consider a Set S = {a, b, c}. Find the number of subset and powerset P(S)


Number of Subset = 8
Powerset P(s) = {},{{a},{ b},{ c}},{{a, b},{{a, c}},{ b, c}},{{a, b, c}} .