Synthetic Division Calculator for Dividing Fourth 4th Degree Polynomials

Fourth 4th degree polynomials are Quartic function. They are also represented as Quartic Polynomials or biquadratic function.

A fourth 4th degree polynomial is an equation that equates a quartic polynomial to zero, of the form
ax^4+bx^3+cx^2+dx+e=0 ,
where a ≠ 0.

Quartics function have the following characteristics:
1. Zero to four roots.
2. One, two or three extrema.
3. Zero, one or two inflection points.
4. No general symmetry.
5. It takes five points or five pieces of information to describe a quartic function.
6. Roots are solvable by radicals.

The calculator here helps you to easily Divide Fourth 4th Degree Polynomials using Synthetic long division method.

Divide Fourth 4th Degree Polynomials


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