TFM in Soap Calculator

Here is an online TFM in soap calculator which will be a very useful tool for you to calculate the Total Fatty Matter - TFM in a soap with ease.

Total Fatty Matter - TFM Calculator

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Make use of this online soap TFM calculator to find the answer to your question of "How to calculate the TFM in soap?".

Soap TFM: It is called as the Total Fatty Matter content in a soap. It is the primary characteristics based on which the quality of the soap is described. It is always specified in commercial transactions.

Soaps are graded based on their TFM content as follows,

1. TFM 75% minimum - Grade 1
2. TFM 65% minimum - Grade 2
3. Less 60% - Grade 3

Just input the values such as Weight of Conical Flask + Soap (after drying), Weight of Conical Flask, and Initial Weight of Soap Taken, the online TFM in Soap Calculator will provide you with the soap TFM within the fractions of seconds.