TAS Calculator

The given below is the simple online TAS calculator which helps you in the true airspeed calculation with ease by just entering the required inputs.

True Airspeed Calculator

Result :

Just input the details like indicated airspeed, mean sea level altitude, and OAT estimation correction, the this online TAS calculator will update you the result.

True Airspeed: It is otherwise called as Knots True Airspeed (KTAS) of an aircraft. It is determined by relating the speed of the aircraft with the airmass in which it is flying. For accurate navigation of an aircraft, TAS is an important information.

Feel free to try this online true airspeed calculator and get reliable results on TAS calculations.


Calculate the true airspeed for the following data :

Indicated Airspeed = 150
Mean Sea Level Altitude = 7500
OAT Estimation Correction = 0.3


TAS = (IAS x OAT Estimation Correction) x (A / 1000) + IAS
= (150 x 0.3 x 7500) x (7500 / 1000) + (150)
= 487.5