UPS Power Requirement Calculator

UPS is an uninterruptible power supply device that is used as a backup power supply source when the main power source is lost. The device also provides protection from power surges. This online UPS Power Requirement Calculator helps you determine the batter backup power required for your home or office based on the usage of your appliances. Just input the needed and the calculator will update you with the required size and the power backup required for you.

Calculate Battery Backup Power Required

Appliances Quantity Wattage Total
Television (color)
  20-inch (LCD) 65
  26-inch (LCD) 110
  36 to 42 - inch (Plasma) 250
  50 to 60 - inch (Plasma) 340
  Ceiling 120
  Window 150
  Furnace 750
  Whole house 500
Air conditioner
  Central 5000
  Room 1000
Clock radio 10
Coffeemaker 1050
Clothes washer 425
Clothes dryer 3400
Dishwasher 1800
Dehumidifier 785
Electric blanket 80
Freezer (stand-alone) 600
Hair dryer 1600
  central, gas furnace 400
  central, oil furnace 1500
  electric, portable 1125
  Clothes iron 1400
Light bulb
  Incandescent 100
  Compact fluorescent 25
  Microwave oven 925
Personal computer
  CPU & Monitor 125
  Laptop 25
Stereo 250
Range (electric) 4500
Refrigerator 725
Sump pump 600
Toaster 1100
Toaster oven 1225
Vacuum cleaner 1225
Water heater (electric, 40-gallon) 5000
Well pump (deep well) 700

Result :

Determine the type of UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) battery you require to meet the shortage of electricity at your home or office using this online calculator.