Vertex Calculator

A "Vertex" is defined as the point where the curve transforms its path in a parabola curve. The curve parabolas always have the lowest point if the parabola is downside-up or the highest point if the parabola is upside-down. This point is called as "vertex".

The general form of the quadratic function is f(x) =ax2 + bx + c. The vertex form of this function is (y = a(x - h)2 + k). The co-ordinates of the vertex is denoted as vertex(h,k).

This is a free online Vertex form Calculator to calculate the value of coordinates of the vertex (h,k). Enter the values of a, b and c and you will get the co-ordinates of the vertex. This calculator could also be defined as a converter from standard form to vertex form, or could be called as a vertex finder.

For example, consider values a=2, b=3, c=6.
=Vertex(-0.75, 4.875)

Vertex Co-ordinates Calculator Online

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